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5 tips for preventing running injuries


Whether you’re training for the Bluenose or taking advantage of these Spring-like temperatures to get back into running, these 5 tips will help you prevent running injuries.








1. Rest. This is a key part of smart training. The body needs time to repair. Maintain the balance between muscle breakdown and muscle strengthening.

2. Strengthen. Strong muscles absorb impact and repetition. Strong muscles help control movement and stride.  It’s important to identify specific weaknesses. Common weak muscles in runners are calves, guadracips and glutes.

3. Stabilize.  A strong core controls faulty movement patterns. This is important for maintaining the integrity of hips. pelvis, lower back and knees.

4. Stretch. There is good evidence for runners using foam rollers. Restore the range of motion of your joints with stretching.

5. Footwear. It’s important to find the right shoe that supports your foot. It is recommended to change your running shoes after ~350-500 miles.

And of course, when in doubt check in with a health care provider who understands running and has experience working with runners.


by Carolyn Roosen, PT


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