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Peri-Neural Injection Therapy (PNIT) a.k.a. Neural Prolotherapy

Peri-neural Injection Therapy is used for any type of neurogenic inflammation. Typically any very tender superficial points have some aspect of neurogenic inflammation, either as a root cause of the pain, or a contributing factor. Nerves can become inflamed from over stretching, hypertonic muscles, impinging superficial small nerve branches leading to chronic low-grade to marked acute pain. PNIT uses 5% dextrose + 1% – 2% procaine in subcutaneous injections to reduce superficial neurogenic inflammation which will then spread to the nerve root itself.

The main conditions that are indicated for PNIT is any type of pain elicited with light to moderate palpation of a muscle/joint/fascia, whiplash injury, chronic headaches, TMJ pain, joint pain, trigger point referral pain, etc.

As neurogenic inflammation is often due to muscle hypertonicity, in order to treat the root cause, we also need to add in things like massage, chiropractics adjustments and physiotherapy, to address deeper causes of the muscle hypertonicity.

Dr. Lauren MacIntosh

Dr. Lauren MacIntosh, Naturopathic Doctor

As we all know, often if there is joint, tendon or ligament concern, the surrounding muscles will become hypertonic in response to give the joint more stability. By combining PNIT with other treatments, it will give both symptomatic pain relief and repair the underlying damaged tissue for long-term pain relief and improved range of motion.

If you suffer from chronic pain, consider adding PNIT to your treatment regimen. Talk to our Naturopathic Doctor, Lauren MacIntosh to see how this form of treatment can help!

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