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Health for Life: Educational Sessions

Did you know that our clinic offers health and wellness educational sessions to various businesses and establishments throughout the HRM as a part of our community health and wellness outreach program?

We will come to your workplace anywhere in the HRM to deliver a health and wellness related presentation, whether in the morning, noon or afternoon. We will also provide the visuals and communications to promote the event.

Q&A’s for the Educational Sessions

Q- Are these educational sessions free or at a cost?
A- All our sessions are complimentary, no fees! It’s our way of promoting health and wellness in the work place or establishment and for thanking our community for having us play an integral role in their health and wellness journey!

Q- Is there a minimum or maximum number for attendees?
A- We request a minimum number of 10 attendees- and any number of people are welcome to attend! It is important to have the RSVP numbers provided to us no later than 3 days in advance and if any other changes occur in scheduling,we request being notified as early as possible.

Q- Do we have to purchase or sign up for anything?
A- Absolutely not. We may provide recommendations and suggestions for the betterment of your health, but there are no obligations!



  • Wellness 101
  • Series: Eat better, move better, think better
  • Desk Exercises
  • 5 steps to a happy healthy life
  • What to know about health screening
  • Introduction to mindfulness
  • Ergotastic
  • Posture Perfect
  • Snacking on the go
  • 5 secrets to optimal heart health

Let’s connect for more information!
Contact our Communications Manager, Yasmin:

You may also leave your contact information by calling our reception at 902-464-2225.

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