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Evolving Trends: Vagus Nerve stimulation

A non-invasive treatment known as Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve stimulation, is a new, effective and exciting approach in the treatment of numerous conditions as it is natural and with no side effects as often found with taking medicine.

How it works: The vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve, wandering from the brainstem to the organs. Stimulating this nerve allows inflammatory activity to shut off within the cells of the organs and the brain, which helps with immunity and overall function of the body. The stimulation decreases heart rate, blood pressure and inflammation, and increases the secretion of anti-stress hormones such as acetycholine, prolactin, vasopression, oxytocin and growth hormone. It improves heart rate variability and stimulates serotonin and dopamine production.

What does it treat? : VNS Therapy is an FDA approved form of treatment for various types of pain, sleep disorders, anxiety disorders, depression Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, schizophrenia, bulimia, chronic headache/migraine, rheumatoid arthritis, nausea, Crohn´s disease and other Auto immune conditions. Additionally stimulation of the vagus nerve can treat atrial fibrillation, congestive heart disease, fibromyalgia, celiac disease, type 2 diabetes, IBS and IBD, chronic pelvic pain, memory, tinnitus and more. VNS has gained significant popularity with promising results even in epilepsy surgery. The spectrum of its use has also extended to other fields of medicine and there is still a viable scope for its utility in the future.



Kinesis Health associates is the only clinic in all of Atlantic Canada to proudly offer this pain free, non-invasive treatment. Give us a call or email us for more information and to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to better understand how this treatment can change your life to the better!

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