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Making gains in the off season: TPI Golf Screening.

Maybe you’ve switched up your clubs, grip, stance etc., but nothing seems to have a lasting effect? It’s quite possible then, that you are held back by a physical limitation that’s compromising the efficacy of your swing. Founded in 2003, the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) began testing and evaluating of thousands of golfers, both professionals and amateurs. Using a state-of-the art 3D motion capture studio.  They seamlessly assess kinematic sequencing, joint angles, postural alignment, speed, acceleration and timing. The end result is an enormous database of research and data on how the body functions during the golf swing.

Their philosophy is: …though there is more than one way to swing a club and an infinite number of swing styles, there is one efficient way for every player to swing and that is based on what they can physically do.


 Tell me more about TPI screening:  

The TPI screen is a 16 part test, where the golfer is asked to perform a specific movement. Each test has an acceptable standard of performance for a pass and outlined criteria that constitutes a fail. Overall, the screen assesses movements directly related to swing mechanics, physical fitness and the overall quality of movements. Combined with the client’s history, a unique plan can be created with the direct purpose of correcting functional deficits identified in the screen. This usually includes a combination of exercise/ fitness training and manual/ physical therapy.

Each physical limitation identified in the TPI screen directly transfers over into your golf swing. The body has an amazing ability to compensate. Everyone knows someone, with a wonky looking swing, that they somehow make work for them.  However, if you are interested in creating a swing that is both efficient, effective and less likely to result in injury, getting screened and set up with a golf professional are your first steps. 

Who conducts the TPI screening? 

Our very talented, knowledgeable and TPI certified, Dr. Emily Wiggin, D.C. !

Click the following link, then scroll down to access Dr Wiggin’s bio!


Make some gains now in the off season and book your TPI screening with Dr. Emily Wiggin D.C !



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