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Spine Health Awareness : How Is Your Posture?

Remember how mom always reminded you about your posture?  Turns out she was right.

Years of poor posture, we now know, puts undue pressure on the spine and supporting muscles and ligaments that can result in everything from back pain to muscle strain to degenerative arthritis, and many of us make things worse on a daily basis.

How so?
Research has found that common things like stress, obesity, pregnancy, incorrect posture while sleeping, walking and working, and — yes, all you fashionistas out there — wearing high-heeled shoes can contribute to poor posture. Our muscles and ligaments routinely work to balance us as we sit, stand, bend and sleep,” explains Sherry McAllister, DC, executive vice president of the not-for-profit Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. “Over time, however, uneven stress causes the body to adapt and change — subsequently causing aches and pains.”
And the back pain alone that often follows hurts us in more ways than one. “Americans spend at least $50 billion each year (seeking relief from) back pain,” notes the not-for-profit Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. “And it’s one of the most common reasons for missed work.”

If you just read those stats while seated, here’s a quick checklist to see if you’re maintaining the correct posture:

* Relax shoulders and keep forearms parallel to the ground when working at a keyboard.
* Don’t cross your legs.
* Use a footrest if your feet don’t reach the floor.

Did you know spinal manipulation provided by a doctor of chiropractic is a “safe and effective, drug-less treatment” for sufferers of low back pain? Your chiropractic doctor can recommend exercises to strengthen core postural muscles and can help you choose proper postures to reduce your risk of injury during activities.

Remember, we are a clinic of varied disciplines and treatment programs. We work together as a team to ensure optimal care for the health of your Spine and the rest of your body! Inquire today about available options we offer for the treatment of your back pain and maintenance.

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